Create & deliver custom video analytics solutions
in minutes

Lumeo is a “no-code” custom video analytics platform that allows providers to deliver new solutions easily with drag & drop tools and pre-built analytic building blocks.

Drag & Drop Solutions Designer

Effortlessly create custom video analytics solutions using our innovative drag and drop tools.

No programming experience required.

Plug & Play

Works with existing cameras and video management systems.

Lumeo auto-discovers your cameras and video streams and makes them available to use.

AI models, Connectors & Utilities

Build a solution for your exact specific needs.

Select from any of our growing list of ready-to-use cutting edge AI models, or bring your own models.

APIs Developers Love

Embed analytics in your solution or build your own. Looking for more than no-code?

Lumeo offers a full set of REST APIs, programmable nodes, OpenCV support, and more.

Edge or Cloud

Deploy analytics in Lumeo’s cloud, your own cloud, existing on-prem GPUs, or AI gateways.

Go beyond the bounding box. Connect model detections and classifications to rules and 
third-party systems


Media & Video



Add metadata

Inject a file’s contents as metadata to each frame

Azure face recognition

Lookup detected faces using Azure Face Recognition API

License plate parser

Extracts and post-processes license plates recognized using the License Plate Recognition - Edge AI Model

Blur Objects

Blurs any detected objects in the video

License plate MMC cloud

High accuracy license plate + make/model/color recognition using Lumeo's cloud service. Operates on plates previously detected using the License Plate Detection model.

Publish to Elasticsearch

Publish metadata to Elasticsearch for reporting and dashboards.

Custom function

Manually process or modify frames and metadata

Encode Video

Encode raw video frames and output an encoded stream

Analytics Builder

Build any use case from anywhere, in record time.


Get up and running fast with existing or new infrastructure.

Any camera

Use any media source, for real-time analytics. Built-in support for any ONVIF / USB Camera, RTSP streams, HLS and MPEG-Dash feeds.

Any recorded video

Run analytics on video clips or recorded footage. Analyze it after the fact or run a forensic search.

VMS and NVRs

Integrates with VMS and NVRs for a single-pane-of-glass. Extract streams from your VMS, process with Lumeo, and feed them back.

Built-in monitoring

Deliver reliability easily, with real-time monitoring of your cameras and analytics. Alerts, webhooks, and integrations make it easy to reduce downtime.

Edge or Cloud

Design centrally, deploy anywhere:  Lumeo cloud, Your cloud,  On-prem GPUs.


Subscription-based pricing

All-you-can-eat analytics with a per-stream or per-video-minute monthly subscription, so you can stop worrying about hefty licenses, contracts or capacity.

Volume & commit discounts

Discounts and lower prices for committed usage allow you to scale without worrying about cost as your usage grows.

Our Partners

We partner with the industry’s top leading companies to provide best-in-class services.

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