Flexible, All-in-one
Video Analytics Platform

Lumeo is a complete, open and flexible platform that offers everything you need to generate actionable insights and alerts using AI-based video analytics.

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Easily Build & Deliver Analytics That Fit Your Exact Customer Need in Minutes.


Lumeo’s ‘no-code’ approach empowers security operations, enabling swift creation of custom video analytics solutions using drag-and-drop tools and AI models....


Lumeo’s video analytics empowers large events by optimizing crowd management, reducing costs, and enhancing attendee experience through easy customization tailored...


Harnessing the power of video analytics, logistics, and warehousing can make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and...


Lumeo empowers transportation managers with customized video analytics, data, and mobility solutions for safe and efficient operations.


Leverage the power of AI-driven video analytics to improve patient safety, optimize patient flow, reduce wait times, and increase efficiency.


Create the optimal customer experience with video analytics that monitor entry/exit, occupancy counting, loitering, facial recognition, age/gender, and more.

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For Integrators & MSPs

Exactly what your customers want. No compromise.

Deliver tailor-made solutions when out-of-the-box video analytics aren’t enough.

Consolidate your analytics needs, and unlock RMR with existing cameras and VMS.

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For Manufacturers & ISVs

Unlock new revenue
with AI.

Add unlimited AI-powered video analytics and recurring revenue streams to your portfolio.

Get to market quickly without slowing down your engineering teams.

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For Developers and Solutions Engineering

A new platform for Vision AI, batteries included.

Build any use case using “legos” for computer vision and AI. Skip the plumbing, and focus on code that counts.

Quickly deploy solutions using your own AI models on the edge or cloud.

Instant-deploy Solutions

Lumeo’s Ready-to-deploy solution templates make it easy to get started with common use cases, and then fully tweak them to your needs. 

Flexible, Multi-modal, Realtime Dashboards

Create dashboards that combine live video, event clips, and data — to deliver the operational insights you want. 

Analytics Library

Start with our ever-growing library of ready-to-use AI models or bring your own.

The only no-code 
video analytics builder of its kind

Create custom analytics in minutes with ready-to-use tools, AI models, and connectors.

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We partner with the industry’s top leading companies to provide best-in-class services.

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Learn how state-of-the-art AI powered video analytics can help you solve business problems and improve security, and how best to deploy them.