A new complete
platform for Vision AI

Lumeo is an award-winning “no-code” Vision AI platform that lets you quickly and easily build any use case with drag & drop tools and pre-built analytic building blocks. Get started for free.

As seen in

As seen in

Analytics Library

Start with our ever-growing library of ready-to-use AI models or bring your own.
Analytics Builder

Deploy your own models or extend with APIs, in record time.


Get up and running fast with existing or new infrastructure.

Any camera

Use any media source, for real-time analytics. Built-in support for any ONVIF / USB Camera, RTSP streams, HLS and MPEG-Dash feeds.

Any recorded video

Run analytics on video clips or recorded footage. Analyze it after the fact or run a forensic search.

VMS and NVRs

Integrates with VMS (Video Management System) and NVRs for a single-pane-of-glass. Extract streams from your VMS, process with Lumeo, and feed them back.

Built-in monitoring

Deliver reliability easily, with real-time monitoring of your cameras and analytics. Alerts, webhooks, and integrations make it easy to reduce downtime.

Edge or Cloud

Design centrally, deploy anywhere:  Lumeo cloud, Your cloud,  On-prem GPUs.

Start building  for free

Download the Video Analytics Whitepaper

Learn how state-of-the-art AI powered video analytics can help you solve business problems and improve security, and how best to deploy them.