Unlimited Solutions for Security

Significant Time and Cost Savings, for Enhanced Security Measures.

Security plays a crucial role in protecting people, places, and property. By leveraging Lumeo’s platform, they can supercharge existing surveillance systems with advanced AI analytics, ensuring robust security by allowing only authorized individuals access to protected areas. Seamlessly integrate with most pre-existing surveillance systems, enabling the addition of sophisticated AI capabilities without the need for costly hardware replacements.


Keep count of the number of people or cars entering and exiting a facility to identify peak traffic hours and to help with scheduling.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Person Detection, Line Crossing.


Monitor for people gathering and lingering in a defined area for a set amount of time, helping to keep entrances clear and customers feeling safe.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Person Detection, Occupancy Monitor, VMS Integrations.

Facial Recognition

Capture and compare a person’s face to identify a VIP customer or a known bad-actor and alert management to take appropriate action.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Person Detection, Face Detection, Microsoft Azure Face Service, VMS Integrations.

Conditional Blurring

Blur the faces of individuals not stored in a facial recognition database to comply with privacy regulations, while maintaining clear images of everything else in the video frame.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Person Detection, Face Detection, Facial Recognition, LPR, VMS Integrations.

Overtime Parking

Capture make, model, and license plate information to identify automobiles that have been parked longer than a set time.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Vehicle Detection, Occupancy Monitor, SMS Alert.

False Alarm Reduction

Effectively reduce false alarms by leveraging advanced video analytics, enabling accurate detection and minimizing unnecessary notifications, ensuring more reliable security operations with enhanced efficiency.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Person Detection, Animal Detection, Vehicle Detection, VMS Integrations.

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