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Enhancing Security and Efficiency: The Role of Video Analytics in Multi-Family Residential Areas
Video analytics plays a crucial role in enhancing security and efficiency in multi-family residential areas. By leveraging advanced technologies to monitor common areas, parking lots, and entry points, video analytics can detect and alert for unauthorized access, suspicious behavior, and potential safety hazards in real-time. This proactive approach not only deters criminal activities such as tailgating, vandalism, and theft but also helps in managing waste disposal and ensuring proper use of facilities.
Parking Lot

Capture make, model, and license plate information to identify automobiles that have been parked longer than a set time.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Vehicle Detection, Occupancy Monitor, SMS Alert.


Prevent risks such as unauthorized access, loitering, or potential security breaches by identifying and alerting to suspicious activities or individuals in real-time

Built with Lumeo’s models for Loitering, Line Crossing, People Counting, Occupancy Monitor, SMS Alert


Enhance security in multi-family lots by monitoring to detect tailgating incidents, where unauthorized individuals follow residents or vehicles through access points, ensuring that only authorized personnel or residents gain entry.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Line Crossing, Vehicle Counting, LPR, SMS Alert


Monitor and prevent illegal dumping, reduce waste management costs, and ensure proper usage and maintenance of the disposal areas.

Built with Lumeo’s model for Person Detection, Object Detection, Line Crossing, SMS Alert

Car Vandalization/Theft

Continuously monitoring parking areas for suspicious behavior, sending real-time alerts to security personnel, and capturing detailed footage that can be used to identify and apprehend offenders, thereby enhancing overall vehicle security.

Built with Lumeo’s model for Person Detection, Vehicle Detection, Proximity Detection, Save Snapshot

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