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Transforming Logistics and Warehousing: The Power of AI Video Analytics.

Logistics drive major industries, supplying raw materials to finished goods. These facilities face security challenges, protecting against intruders and ensuring personnel safety, while safeguarding sensitive information and assets.

Video analytics revolutionize logistics and warehousing, offering insights and data-driven solutions. AI-powered video analytics optimize operations, enhance efficiency, track assets, ensure safety compliance, streamline workflows, and analyze loading processes.

Open Bay Door Detection

Continuously monitor the status of bay doors, track their opening and closing times, and detect any unauthorized access. This real-time data allows for swift response to potential security breaches or operational inefficiencies.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Object Detection, Trained Bay Door Detection, Person Detection, VMS Integrations

Blocked Doors, Pathways, Electrical Panels

Detect obstructions of doors, pathways, and electrical panels for compliance with OSHA regulations and workplace safety.
Receive instant alerts and capture recordings of when the violation happened for later review.

Built with Lumeo’s models for People detection, Scene change detection, Save Snapshot, Email integrations.

Over Stacking

Identify and address over-stacked goods to prevent disruptions, and accidents, and stay OSHA compliant. Choose areas to monitor, set stacking limits, and receive instant alerts in real-time to avoid accidents and injuries.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Object Detection, Trained Stacking Detection, Person Detection, VMS Integrations.

License Plate Recognition

Capture, read, and store license plate information for any vehicle, used for vehicle management operations such as ticketless parking, toll collection, and vehicle detection.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Vehicle Detection, License Plate Detection and Recognition, Save Snapshot, ElasticSearch.

Unsafe Speed Monitoring

Track vehicles being driven at unsafe speeds, or people running in walk-only zones within warehouse and indoor environments. 

Built with Lumeo’s models for Object Detection, Speed Estimation, VMS Integrations

Occupancy, Restricted & Pedestrian-only zones

Improve operational efficiency by tracking workstation utilization.

Detect vehicles driven in pedestrian-only zones, or people present in restricted areas.

Built with Lumeo’s models for People detection, Occupancy Monitoring, Email integrations.

Forklift Safety

Detect potential hazards, improper usage, and operator errors, to help prevent accidents and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Promote best practices in material handling in your facilities to foster a safer, more productive work environment while reducing the risk of costly accidents and downtime.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Forklift Detection, Person Detection, Proximity Monitor, VMS Integrations

Hard Hat Safety

Monitor and ensure the proper use of hard hats on job sites to reduce the risk of head injuries and reinforce safety standards among employees. Detect instances of non-compliance and alert supervisors when necessary.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Trained Hard Hat Detection, Person Detection, VMS Integrations.

Car/Truck Make/Model

Identify the makes and models of different delivery vehicles. Streamline logistic operations by accurately recognizing the specific make and model of each vehicle, and enabling account managers to prepare for incoming deliveries for an efficient allocation of resources. Track delivery performance, and analyze trends in vehicle preferences among suppliers and carriers.

Built with Lumeo’s models for Vehicle Detection, Make/Model/Color Classification.

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