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Lumeo is redefining how we use analytics by offering one solution to fit all use cases, removing the need to partner with several companies.

The analytic toolkit for integrators.

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Custom AI analytics

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Create custom analytics in minutes with hundreds of ready-to-use tools, AI models, and connectors.

Loitering video analytic


Highlight people who have been in the region for a certain threshold.

People counting and line crossing Lumeo video analytics

Line Crossing

Know when anything or anyone crosses a defined region of interest.

Crowd counting and occupancy monitoring for events with Lumeo video analytics

Crowd Counting

Set a headcount threshold to stay proactive instead of reactive.

Face recognition for customer service video analytics by Lumeo

Face Recognition

Set a whitelist or blacklist to ease your access control needs.

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Learn how state-of-the-art AI powered video analytics can help you solve business problems and improve security, and how best to deploy them.