March 30, 2022.

Lumeo Announces New Analytic Building Blocks in their Ever-Growing Marketplace

OAKLAND, CA March 30, 2022.

 Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, is announcing new analytic building blocks that extend its innovative analytic platform, enabling customers to take the custom analytics solutions they build on the Lumeo platform and integrate them with VMS, data visualization, alerting, and central monitoring systems.This flexible and ready-to-use integration approach enables businesses to leverage existing infrastructure and harness the wealth of untapped data living in video streams.

Most security and surveillance equipment manufacturers offer built-in intelligence, or intelligence-at-the-edge, that allow a single camera to capture video, process the data, and send an alert if it detects a pre-programmed event. In addition, back-end equipment, including network video recorders (NVRs) and video management systems process video data from multiple sources simultaneously,becoming the eyes on hundreds of video feeds and the brains for each camera.These video analytic solutions, while powerful, are purpose-built, offerlimiting pre-set options for intelligence, and provide little room for customization.

Lumeo offers a single-pane-of-glass experience to extract video streams from cameras or VMS, execute AI processing,completely customize what the analytic does, and manage the resulting metadata.These new capabilities announced today enable custom analytic solutions to plug into systems that end-users already use, accelerating how solution providers deliver value to their customers.

● VMS Integrations – Milestone and Genetec – allow integrators to add alerts,searchability and alarms from any custom analytic into the VMS for an integrated end-user experience.

● Elasticsearch/Kibana integration allows for powerful data visualization, long term analysis and reporting from video analytics, for business intelligence.

● Twilio SMS integration allows for instant text message alerts containing snapshots and live streams – allowing end-users to immediately respond to triggers from the custom analytic.

● Lastly, new rules – Proximity detection and speed estimation – enable new use cases such as industrial, airport and residential safety.

“The Lumeo platform brings flexibility and custom AI analytics to anyone using the largest video management players in the industry, including Genetec and Milestone,” said Devarshi Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Lumeo. “Our platform breathes new life into existing video by integrating cameras, recorders, and video management systems with powerful AI analytics that uncovers insights hiding in customer’s data.”

Together with flexible integration,the Lumeo Marketplace offers a host of AI analytic models that solve many unique issues including improving security, analyzing business intelligence,and ensuring compliance to regulations. In addition, Lumeo offers APIs and custom code options to give companies full control for advanced use cases and integration with other critical business IT systems.

“The Lumeo advantage places powerful analytics at your fingertips, letting you build your own video analytics to gain actionable insights into your business and increase the ROI of your existing system without technical expertise,” concluded Shah.