Lumeo launches a freemium self-service tier for it’s vision AI and video analytics platform.

OAKLAND, CA March 9, 2023.

Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, announces the launch of its FREEmium self-serve environment. Starting today, users can signup for a free Lumeo Starter account and start building vision AI solutions without permission, and without significant time, cost, or hardware investments. Lumeo looks to significantly accelerate AI analytic deployment by offering developers, solutions engineers and technical security teams a “no-code”/“low-code” vision AI & video analytics platform that helps transform, analyze, and act on video data. The FREEmium self-serve environment unlocks permission-less innovation for teams building and delivering video and vision AI solutions.

Today, development teams that want to embed computer vision or video analytics into their products have no choice but to build in-house or cobble together a “vision stack” from various vendors – capabilities that include: camera management, moving & storing the video between local storage/cloud/end user devices, edge processing, training & inferencing using AI models, and business logic. This drives up the cost of innovation and time to market. On the other hand, security teams and integrators are often limited to reselling existing solutions because of the technical hurdles & high price points of tailor-made analytics.

Lumeo makes this easy with a video analytics builder that provides web-based drag-and-drop tools, pre-made and custom vision AI models, and third-party integrations to create custom vision AI solutions for various use cases without requiring any code. Lumeo also supports APIs, custom code, and OpenCV to meet unique needs. These solutions can process video in real-time from any camera or stream, and run on-prem, on the edge, or in the cloud.

Lumeo currently powers a wide range of use cases for large retail malls, parking facilities, commercial buildings, and critical infrastructure installations. Lumeo makes it easy to track occupancy; monitor traffic flow; check vehicle speed; recognize human faces, license plates, and vehicle makes/models; and identify loitering, crowd gathering, and line crossing, just to name a few of the building blocks. Teams that are building AI models for video analysis can also use Lumeo to capture data from the field, deploy resulting models in the field and connect them to business logic.

Lumeo’s new freemium model is designed to help builders of all sizes, including independent developers, R&D teams, startups, small businesses, and large enterprises, to experiment with AI and see its potential. Every new Lumeo account comes with a cloud GPU trial to enable solution builders to get started building in the cloud, and then continue running analytics in the cloud or deploy on-site.

The Starter plan (free forever) allows you to develop, tinker and experiment with vision AI, while the pay-as-you-go Business plan adds a robust set of capabilities for commercial deployments without long term commitments. For Enterprises and as volume scales, businesses can upgrade to annual, committed-pricing plans, and unlock Enterprise-grade capabilities.

At Lumeo, we are building the ‘modern compute engine’ for video and making it accessible to builders without deep technical expertise or deep pockets, said Shah. “Lumeo’s Lego®-like building blocks shrink development time from months to hours or minutes. Experimentation is a prerequisite to innovation, and Lumeo’s ultimate goal is to lower the barrier to experimenting and building with video and vision AI – which we believe will drive the industry forward, accelerate growth and application towards new use cases,” added Shah.

For more information on the plans visit, and get started by signing up for a free account here :

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About Lumeo Lumeo is headquartered out of Oakland, CA, and fueled by a vision to transform how the world sees video. Lumeo is the first and only ‘no-code’ video analytic platform that empowers solution providers with the ability to create and deliver custom analytics in minutes–with no technical skills needed. Using drag-and-drop tools, pre-built analytic building blocks, ready-to-use AI models, and APIs, Lumeo lets providers instantly add AI-powered analytics to their own solution or extend existing VMS and camera installations to increase revenue and bottom line. Lumeo’s cloud-managed analytics can run in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model so you can optimize for convenience or cost. Learn more at

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