Lumeo Integrates with Solink to Enhance their Customers’ Business Operations with Advanced Video Analytics

OAKLAND, CA March 29, 2023.

. Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions is excited to announce a technology integration with Solink, a leading cloud-based video surveillance and loss prevention platform. Through this integration, Solink and Lumeo are offering customers a unique and powerful solution that combines industry-changing video surveillance and powerful, open, and flexible video analytics. Solink enables customers to have a single view of their business by integrating with over 200 different solutions. Lumeo empowers business to create DIY video analytic workflows to enable custom computer vision applications without any expensive development.

This integration will have a significant impact on the retail industry, where video surveillance and loss prevention are critical to protecting assets and improving profitability. With the combined capabilities of Solink and Lumeo, retailers can now gather enhanced data on customer behavior and preferences, optimize store layouts, and analyze foot traffic to improve sales and customer satisfaction. Customers can choose to build  facial recognition and object detection workflows based on their needs to identify and prevent theft, reduce risk and improve overall security.

Lumeo is the first and only ‘no-code’ video analytic builder that provides the security industry with the flexibility to create and deliver custom analytics, with no technical skills needed. Using web-based drag-and-drop tools, analytic building blocks, pre-made and custom AI models, and third-party integrations, Lumeo lets anyone build custom analytics for any security application with no code required.

“The integration of Lumeo with Solink allows customers to build unique and custom computer-vision workflows fast – the cloud/VSaaS will change the speed at which customers can experiment with video analytics. Lumeo is an important addition to our ecosystem of integrations to help customers ‘do more’ with video security,” said Michael Mata, CEO of Solink. “By leveraging Lumeo’s video analytics capabilities, Solink customers can gather insights that were previously unavailable, leading to better decision-making and improved outcomes.”

“The partnership enables Solink customers to access a wide range of new business analytics within Solink’s existing interface,” commented Devarshi Shah, CEO of Lumeo. “With Lumeo, customers get access to tailor-made analytics, and our integration enables them to push events from any of those analytics back into Solink” continued Mr. Shah.“

The synergy between Solink and Lumeo is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve their video surveillance and analytics capabilities. With a comprehensive suite of tools that use the latest in AI-based analytics, businesses can now optimize their operations and improve their bottom line.

Lumeo will showcase its enhanced platform featuring Lumeo’s video analytics capabilities at this year’s ISC West show in Las Vegas. Attendees can learn more about this exciting partnership at the Solink booth #24008 and the Lumeo booth #29075, and see firsthand how Solink and Lumeo are transforming the video surveillance industry.

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About Lumeo Lumeo is headquartered out of Oakland, CA, and fueled by a vision to transform how the world sees video. Lumeo is the first and only ‘no-code’ video analytic platform that empowers solution providers with the ability to create and deliver custom analytics in minutes–with no technical skills needed. Using drag-and-drop tools, pre-built analytic building blocks, ready-to-use AI models, and APIs, Lumeo lets providers instantly add AI-powered analytics to their own solution or extend existing VMS and camera installations to increase revenue and bottom line. Lumeo’s cloud-managed analytics can run in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model so you can optimize for convenience or cost. Learn more at

Solink is the leader in video security for businesses of all sizes. Solink’s hardware and software is purpose-built for business owners, IT and security teams. Solink integrates with over 200 solutions to help give visibility into business. With over 18,000 customer locations in 15 countries, Solink helps provide customers of all sizes with peace of mind for their security and operations. Solink has built a reputation as a trusted partner that solves real business problems for many of the world’s most respected brands. For more information, visit Find Solink on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. If you’d like to try Solink, click here.

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