Lumeo Announces a Suite of Analytics to Assist with Compliance to OSHA Standards and Regulations

OAKLAND, CA March 29, 2023.

Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, announces a suite of advanced analytics that can help warehouses, distribution centers, logistics operations, and retailers comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and regulations. Lumeo’s unique building-block approach allows for quick development and deployment of advanced AI solutions at the edge or on the cloud that help to prevent accidents and their inherent costs.

A 2020 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the injury rate for the warehousing and the logistics industry was 4.8 per 100 workers, higher than the U.S. average rate of 2.7 per 100 among all private industries. Accidents are costly – financially, but also in terms of employee health and morale. Warehouse employees are exposed to a number of strenuous and potentially dangerous activities that threaten their safety on a daily basis.

For warehouses and logistic operations, the main areas of concern, and those that draw OSHA scrutiny are: loading docks, forklift operations, conveyor belts, materials storage, and manual lifting and handling actions. OSHA estimates that the number of forklift-related accidents alone total nearly 100,000 per year, and that 90% of forklifts are involved in some type of accident over the course of their lifetime. OSHA also offers general guidelines for warehouse workers’ general safety, including: blocking off exposed or open loading dock doors, and ensuring floors, aisles, and surfaces are clear of any hazards that could cause trips, slips, or falls.

With Lumeo, any company can effortlessly create custom analytic solutions using the platform’s innovative drag and drop tools, with no programming experience required, to build a custom solution that fits any need. In addition, the Lumeo Marketplace offers hundreds of ready-to-use cutting edge AI models, and the list grows every day.

Lumeo’s new OSHA analytics suite offers building blocks to comply with OSHA regulations, starting with monitoring for blocked doors, forklift speed and proximity to other employees, hard hat detection, stacking over the required height, fire extinguisher placement, and open bay doors. Using Lumeo analytics, a warehouse or distribution center can quickly remediate a situation before an injury occurs. In addition, video showing a violation can be used to educate and train employees so the situation is avoided altogether.

The costs of accidents can be far-reaching and long lasting. Individuals may suffer injuries or worse and companies can face fines, increased insurance rates, or lawsuits. According to the National Safety Council, a worker injury costs companies an average of $38,000 in direct costs, including medical bills and rehabilitation. The indirect costs, however, do add up. The Council estimates that companies pay about $150,000 per accident. Plus, OSHA fines can cost $12,600 for serious infractions, while willful or repeat violations cost $126,000 per infraction.

“Lumeo is the ideal platform for any company looking to reduce the number of on-the-job injuries, and avoid OSHA fines by ensuring compliance,” said Devarshi Shah, CEO and Co-Founder of Lumeo. “Our platform works with existing cameras and video management systems, so there is no need to buy new equipment, and you can build and deploy analytics in minutes rather than hours,” continued Shah.

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About Lumeo Lumeo is headquartered out of Oakland, CA, and fueled by a vision to transform how the world sees video. Lumeo is the first and only ‘no-code’ video analytic platform that empowers solution providers with the ability to create and deliver custom analytics in minutes–with no technical skills needed. Using drag-and-drop tools, pre-built analytic building blocks, ready-to-use AI models, and APIs, Lumeo lets providers instantly add AI-powered analytics to their own solution or extend existing VMS and camera installations to increase revenue and bottom line. Lumeo’s cloud-managed analytics can run in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model so you can optimize for convenience or cost. Learn more at www.lumeo.com.

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