June 14, 2022

Introducing Lumeo

OAKLAND, CA Lumeo, a designer of computer vision solutions, announces the launch of its “no-code” video analytics platform: an easy, customizable, and cost-effective way for integrators, software vendors, and solution providers to harness data analytics using any video camera.

It is estimated that there are 14B cameras in the world today, and will grow to 45B by 2025 (22%+ CAGR). Of those, 1B IP and Analog cameras are deployed in commercial & security settings. The United States alone accounts for over 85M such cameras. These cameras deliver a constant stream of video and data. The challenge, however, is extracting, categorizing, and analyzing the data in a way that solves business problems, is easy to operationalize, and is achievable in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Today, any software vendor or solution provider that wants to embed computer vision or video analytics into their products has no choice but to build inhouse or cobble together the “vision stack” from various vendors – capabilities that include : camera management, moving & storing the video between local storage/cloud/end user devices, edge processing, training & inferencing using AI models, and app specific logic. This drives up the cost of innovation and time to market. On the other hand, integrators, who understand the end-user’s needs well, are often limited to reselling existing solutions because of the technical hurdles & high price points of tailormade analytics.

Lumeo is an open and flexible video analytics platform that solves those specific business challenges by giving solution providers the tools to harness Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cameras to make sense of video data. Lumeo provides:

Plug-n-play building blocks that enable a wide range of use cases:

  • Use any camera, stream, media file, video management system or NVR
  • Ready-to-use, curated vision AI models for a wide set of use cases, and support for your own AI models
  • Pre-built analytics, Video utilities, Data connectors, Streaming & Recording

Easy-to-use tools that let you build in minutes not months:

  • Drag and drop video analytic builder
  • APIs and custom code so you can embed in your own solution or extend for completely new use cases
  • Fully integrated design and deploy UI that makes it’s easy to scale from test to production

Ability to run on the Edge or the Cloud:

  • Run analytics in Lumeo’s cloud or B.Y.O cloud
  • Use customer-owned on-prem GPUs and AI gateways

Lumeo is currently being used by a wide range of solution providers – from Fortune 500 companies, to National and local security integrators, to startups – to build use cases from customer satisfaction, to retail, compliance, safety, operations, and security.

“Nobody knows your business better than you,” said Devarshi Shah, Co-Founder & CEO. “You know what works and the areas that need improvements. Lumeo provides the tools necessary to unlock business insights from video and cameras with a customized, AI-powered video analytic system that you design and deploy in minutes. We are excited to be able to breathe new life into millions of video systems in the marketplace and empower businesses with actionable intelligence.”

Using Lumeo, security integrators can quickly design custom video analytics instead of relying on pre-defined and off-the-shelf analytics. The Lumeo platform offers the following advantages over traditional analytic solutions:

  • Deploy flexible solutions that suit any use case. Users can create it completely in-house and with little to no technical expertise needed.
  • Create powerful analytics with ease & integrate them with existing IT systems using innovative, easy to use drag-and-drop tools, ready-to-use or BYO AI models, pre-built analytic building blocks, and first class APIs.
  • Add analytics to existing infrastructure: cameras, video management systems, and NVRs, without having to rip-and-replace.
  • Completely optimize the system for convenience or cost, by deploying analytics in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid model, while managing it all centrally from the cloud.
  • Save time and money with Lumeo’s pay-as-you-go subscription model with no upfront costs.

“Lumeo’s mission is to transform the way the world sees video, by providing a fully integrated ‘vision stack’ that is easy to use and simplifies development of computer vision applications, starting with video analytics. Experimentation is the prerequisite to innovation; lowering the barrier to experimenting and building with video & vision AI will drive the industry forward, accelerate growth & application towards new use cases. Why wait for someone else to build it when you can build it yourself with Lumeo?”, adds Chris Bruce, Co-Founder & CTO.

Lumeo is billed on a pay-as-you-go usage-based model, on the basis of the number of cameras and utilization, allowing companies of all sizes to get started with little to no initial costs, and scale with volume discounts as their usage grows.

Businesses can request a demo and get access to the platform by reaching out to [email protected] or visiting lumeo.com/demo .